Blood and white feathers on the bedroom floor

The room still rings from the shotguns roar

I turn on my heels and walk out the door

Safe to say love don’t live here no more


It won’t take long to say where it all went wrong, no matter what they all say

I started off life with a pretty little wife, loving more each day

Our love was blessed like all the rest, with an angel to light the way

Watching over us, smoothing any fuss, our angel was here to stay


Years go by in the blink of an eye, things wear out so they say

You can’t get far in a broken old car, once you lose your way

We got lazy, things kind of got crazy, drifting further each day

Our angel tried, sobbed and cried, but still she did stay


We both did wrong, wandering along, stumbling on the way

All of the bad, all of the sad, both getting further away

Our angel wept, while we crept, shocked and in dismay

Watching as light of our love so bright, faded like the end of the day


Harsh words burn, make hearts turn, so the old ones say

It just ain’t fair when you really don’t care, love can fade away

Where does it go, no one knows, we both did say

Our love died, went cold inside, our angel saw it go away


Would but they see my face, maybe their hearts would turn

Maybe what’s left of their love would grow, maybe they would learn

So let them see me, bright and strong, hear my words this day

As they see what they felt all along,  let their love hear what I say

Let them see me, let them see me, let them see me this day


Blood, blood, blood and white feathers,Blood, blood, blood and white feathers

Blood, blood, blood and white feathers, Blood, blood, blood and white feathers


And now we’re Angel Killers, doomed for all time

The love whose blood we spilled this day marks us with our crime

You pulled the trigger but I held her wings, killing our love this day

Watched our love die, said our goodbyes, as we walked away

Angel Killers…

Doomed for all time


Blood and white feathers on the bedroom floor

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Hard Rock Forever

Music created by one who has lived an interesting life. Initially started as a side project, Lathanzia evolved into it's own space over time.
Full album currently in production. First "Book" in a story that with many volumes.
EP: Black Smoke Rising released 13 Sept 2017