Gypsy Dream


Another night, sleepless again, nothing left to do

Reading by the light of a screen so bright

My old eyes are red and blue


Drifting to a place, asleep but yet awake

Feel my eyes shift and dance

Another waking dream, or so it would seem

Caught between a dream and a trance


I walk past the fire, hearing the old song

Up the wooden stairs to the door

A knock, a wait, a whisper, calling out my name

I walk in and sit on the floor


The Gypsy Seer greets me as my eyes meet her

Says she has a prophesy for me

The answer to my seeking lies in the mist of time

Rock, Paper, Tree


Rock, Paper, Tree, What does this meant to me?

I ask as the candle flickers bright

A message over time, hidden in a rhyme

Is all she says to me


So now I leave this Lady and fade into the night

Shifting back to where I belong

The screen and the words, my weight in the chair

My heart beats loud and strong


I write down the words, before they fade away

Wondering what they mean to me

I will find the answer, some other night

Rock, Paper, Tree

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Hard Rock Forever

Music created by one who has lived an interesting life. Initially started as a side project, Lathanzia evolved into it's own space over time.
Full album currently in production. First "Book" in a story that with many volumes.
EP: Black Smoke Rising released 13 Sept 2017