Shadow Queen                             

Their second mistake was to let me live but no one wants to see a kid die

I watched them take her down from the flames, I didn’t even wonder why

Twenty long years came and went, I became a wild man

Lived back in the woods so green, I think about her when I can

They’d never seen anyone so mean

The only son of a Shadow Queen

Jungles and forests all over the world, that’s where I went to learn

Which will feed, which will heal and which will kill

The people in the town forgot my name and that was fine with me

I wandered jungles and rivers deep, far across the sea

They’d never seen anyone so mean

The only son of a Shadow Queen

The longer I stayed away, the more I forgot about this place

But I could never forget  the last look on my Mothers face

Thirty long years came and went, while I stayed away

No one knew who I was, when I moved back one day

What’s another servant washing dishes in a sink? An old loser they see, that’s what they think.

Don’t see him slip his herbs into the soup, stir them in and smile, fade back into the group

They’d never seen anyone so mean

The only son of a Shadow Queen


Time to clear the dishes, they all screamed and ran away

I walked into the feasting hall, I’ve waited for this day

They sat in wide eyed silence, could see but could not blink

The herbs had locked their bodies, but they could hear and think


I told them who I was and why I went away

And why I came back to this place to be with them this day

They moved not a muscle while I talked and had my say

I tipped the candles over and slowly walked away

Fire, burning bright, in the black night

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Hard Rock Forever

Music created by one who has lived an interesting life. Initially started as a side project, Lathanzia evolved into it's own space over time.
Full album currently in production. First "Book" in a story that with many volumes.
EP: Black Smoke Rising released 13 Sept 2017