Waves of Infinity


I was born on a night of thunder when rain wouldn’t fall

Wild calls from the dark sky, black ravens call

Howling to the four winds, this one is free

Starting down a dark road, wild and magic be


Riding down the highway on a dark and raging night

Looking for excitement, a lover or a fight

Rolling down the highway as night turns into day

Living this life, my own way


As you sail across this human sea

May the winds be at your back and the moon brightly be

Shining in your sails, full and free

May the winds of time move you

Over the waves of infinity

Winds of time move you

Over the waves of infinity


An older man I looked back to see where I came from

To know what forces drive me, to the demons I’ve overcome

Distant voices answered  from the land and the sea

Tamer of the wild horse and sailor once did be


One gave me the iron horse, rolling through the night

One gave me the rolling sea, stars shine so bright

Both led me to wander, travel far and wide

All gave me my music and let me decide



I’ve lived a life of thunder, seen many lands

The sunshine on the valley from the mountain lands

The setting sun on water and the dawn breaking day

My words are now my vision as I move through this day


So now I leave these words for the ones yet to be

Riders of the wild horse, Masters of the sea

My words will be with you, as you start and end each day

Live your life your own way

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Hard Rock Forever

Music created by one who has lived an interesting life. Initially started as a side project, Lathanzia evolved into it's own space over time.
Full album currently in production. First "Book" in a story that with many volumes.
EP: Black Smoke Rising released 13 Sept 2017